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Mechanical processing - Turning and Milling

In this area forged components undergo various machining processes such as milling, drilling, and threading, converting the forged parts in semi-finished parts. This area is equipped with several latest generation transfer machines. The process is fully integrated and managed by our production management software.


The Assembly department is where the various machined components are assembled and tested. Bespoke designed automation machines assemble the various components, once the assembly process is complete, the assembled product undergoes an inline performance control test, which allows IVR to guarantee that all output of products meet the requirement for which they are designed for.

Although the assembly process is fully automated, the process is constantly supervised by highly trained personnel able to verify the correct operating of each assembly line.


All incoming components and parts go through a quality control procedure, specifically set up depending on the part characteristics and on the supplier’s historical reliability. All items need to meet IVR’s Quality standards.

Our warehouse prepares goods for shipments for domestic and for overseas markets daily. The size of shipment varies from single carton orders to full containers. Various packaging solutions are offered including Private Label packaging.

All crates of components, semifinished products and item boxes are digitally tracked when moving through the factory and in our warehouse.


The procurement office’s activity is devoted to continuously calibrating and aligning the supply chain to the necessities of our production line. The main task is to optimize level of stock basing on production planning and sales forecasts. Great value if given to suppliers’ lead time reliability, stability of quality level, competitiveness, and capability to react to market opportunities.

The procurement’s regular activity is to negotiate best terms possible and verify new and alternative suppliers.


The main activities of the Technical Department are:

· Developing new products

· Upgrading existing products

· Aligning existing range to Private Label projects

· Developing OEM products together with our partners

· Improve the production process.

These activities require specific engineering skills, knowledge of and evaluation of applicable standards, certification requirements, optimization of production process, testing activities.


Activities include:

· Accounting

· Financials and Economic performance analysis.


The Quality department is responsible for ensuring the compliance of all activities to IVR’s internal Quality Manual and to ISO 9001: 2015 standards.

Production process verification and laboratory testing for regular standard production and for new product development are regular activities for the Quality Department.

The QD oversees application for specific product certification and their renewals.


Sales Managers, each responsible for specific markets, together with the customer care team perform the following activities:

· Promote IVR’s production to the market.

· Explore and develop new customer and new markets.

· Define strategy for market penetration and sales growth.;

· Preparing and updating annual sales forecasts.

· Propose development and new additional products.

· Recruit and support regional sales force.

· Provide after sales service.